Table Reservation / VIP Street Pods

The PODS can only be booked by calling 0161 518 7073 during opening hours (12PM-10:30 PM) A deposit is required which can be paid over the phone, online or in person. Refunds are only available if tables are cancelled 48 hours prior to booking. They are available for the following 2 hours slots: 4:30PM, 6:45PM or 9:00PM. The pod holds up to 8 guests, however, restricted to 6 for now due to COVID 19. Pod fee is £5 per person or minimum of £20 for groups of 4 and below. NOTE: This fee is not deducted from the final bill.

Large Party

We offers a range of options for large party bookings and events. If you are booking a large party (20+ guests), then please call our branch so we can discuss with you all the options.

Special Occasions

If you are celebrating your birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, please mention this on the message field.


Please let us know of any cancellations 48 hours before the reservation begins.

Questions ?

If you have any special dietary requirements, access requirements or any queries, then get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help.